Takao Kawaguchi

About Kazuo Ohno

Takao Kawaguchi’s reenactment of archival video footage of Butoh master Kazuo Ohno caused a commotion in the Tokyo dance scene. Any copy of the largely inimitable work of Kazuo Ohno requires the performer to suspend his personal beliefs and interpretation, in order to project his body onto the forms and contours of the aged dancer as precisely as possible. The result is a copy that is in itself an original, a choreography created by Kawaguchi with the illusory image of Ohno.


Choreography Kazuo Ohno e Tatsumi Hijikata
Dance Takao Kawaguchi
Dramaturgy and images Naoto Iina
Costumes Noriko Kitamurra
Lighting design Nami Nakayama
Performance in Video Yoshito Ohno
Files kindly lent por Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, CANTA Ltd + Rehearsal studio support Tokyo Zokei University, CS-Lab
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
In cooperation with The Saison Foundation, Tokyo Zokei University CS-Lab

© photo Bozzo


São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Sala Principal

WED JUNE 1 - 9pm

THU 2 - 7pm

Running Time - 100min

For ages - 12 and up


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