Collectif Jambe

Aqui há Regras!

If you are familiar with the work of the artists that now make up Collectif Jambe from previous editions of the Alkantara Festival, you know how serious their playfulness can be – a way to question the state of the world and challenge contemporary play. While the much-acclaimed Germinal (Alkantara Festival 2014) is a theater performance in the classic sense of the word, There are rules! assumes an open, participative format.

In this workshop, conceived especially for the Alkantara Festival, participants will create and learn a set of rules. Afterwards, with the audience, the rules will be distorted, reformulated, used as a basis for choreography – in short, reinvented.

Collectif Jambe is a collaborative project led by Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial. At the Alkantara Festival for the fourth time, the artists now challenge the audience to participate in their creative process.


A project by Collectif Jambe (Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial)
Developed for the Alkantara Festival by Julien Fournet and Mathilde Maillard
Participantes Anabela Teixeira, Bruno Alexandre, Cátia Leitão, Jorge Andrade, Lara Portela, Mariana Suikannen Gomes, Mariana Magalhães, Maurícia Neves, Romain Teule, Sílvia Pereira, Tiago Gandra, Urândia Aragão
Assistant Teresa Silva
Scenography and construction assistant Yvonne Harder
Produced by l’amicale de production
Production Manager Mathilde Maillard
Coproduced by Lieux Publics (Marseille) and L’Entorce (Lille)
Presentation in Lisbon supported by Institut Français Paris and Institut Français du Portugal/Ambassade de France au Portugal

© Photo Collectif Jambe


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Various spaces inside and outside of the venue

Workshops - JUNE from SUN 5 until THU 9

Public presentations - JUNE FRI 10 / 7pm / SAT 11 / 5pm

For ages - 12 and up


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