Federico León

Las Ideas

Argentine writer, director, actor and filmmaker Federico León is an emblematic figure in the independent arts scene in Buenos Aires. Las ideas, his most recent work, takes the form of a work in progress: sitting at his desk (a ping pong table), León analyzes the ideas that are bouncing around in his head. He confronts them with other ideas, submits them to the opinions of his collaborator, asks himself how they can be put into practice and, step by step, begins to give form to new work. The audience is invited into his private world, striped down and displayed on a screen. In Las ideas, Federico León walks the tightrope between fiction and reality by putting the vertiginous effects of the creative process on stage.


Created and directed by Federico León

Performed by Julián Tello and Federico León

Production and assistant directors Rodrigo Pérez and Rocío Gómez Cantero

Set Ariel Vaccaro

Lights Alejandro Le Roux

Music Diego Vainer

Costumes Paola Delgado

Photography Ignacio Iasparra

Design Alejandro Ros

Video projection system Paula Coton, Agustín Genoud

Agent Ligne Directe/Judith Martin

Management Carlota Guivernau

Video Performers Alejandra Manzo, Maitina de Marco, Ana Maria Monti, Maria Laura Santos, Bárbara Irisiarri, Pablo Gasloli, Alejandro Ini, Patricia Russo, Jose Maria Seoane, Alfredo Staffolani, Martín Tchira, Emanuel Torres, Antonella Querzoli, Gabriel Zayat

Camera and photography Guillermo Nieto

Art director Mariela Rípodas

Sound Diego Vainer

Editing Andrés Pepe Estrada
Post production Alejandro Soler
Assistants Melisa Santoro, Malana Juanatey
Casting Maria Laura Berch
Objects David D’Orazio
Head electrician Guillermo Saposnik
Translation (Portuguese) Teresa Fernandes
Coproduced by Kunsten Festival des Arts, Festival d’Autome à Paris/Théâtre de la Bastille, Iberescena, FIBA – Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, El Cultural San Martín, Fundación Teatro a mil, La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, La Villette – Résidences d’Artistes 2014
© Photo Bea Borgers


Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Principal Hall with banks

FRI MAY 27 AND SAT MAY 28 - 9.30pm

Running Time - 60min

For ages - 12 and up

12 €

Spanish with Portuguese and English surtitles

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