Lula Pena

Lula Pena

The Alkantara Festival comes to a close with singer, guitarist, composer and performer Lula Pena presenting her new album, Archivo Pittoresco, to be released by Belgian label Crammed Discs next Fall.

With a style all of her own, Lula Pena looks for “tradition on a universal scale.” “On every corner there is a divine presence that allows us to reach that scale.” “I question fado in this way to feel free and to communicate that freedom.” “Artists are those who are able to expand by imploding themselves and the world.” “To make poetry the currency of this world. Nothing more.” This is her web of coherence, woven through sentences, gestures and days, which we have the privilege of hearing, in its entirety, in the form of music.


São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Sala Principal



For ages - 12 and up

12€ and 15€

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