Gonçalo Waddington

O Nosso Desporto Preferido - Presente

Our Favourite Sport is a tetralogy of plays about our evolution as a universal species, written and directed by Gonçalo Waddington. In Now, the first piece, a misanthropic scientist dreams of creating a human species free from the biological imperatives of nourishment, digestion and, perhaps most importantly, reproduction – a species dedicated exclusively to hedonism and abstraction. According to him, this is the natural evolution of our type 0 civilization to type 1 – a global, multicultural, multiethnic and scientific society.


Written, Directed and sound design by Gonçalo Waddington
Interpretation Carla Maciel, Crista Alfaiate, Pedro Gil, Romeu Runa, Tonan Quito
Set and Costumes Ângela Rocha
Lighting Design Nuno Meira
Video and Photo Mário Melo Costa
Translation by Joana Frazão
Production Coordination Manuel Poças
Coproduction Alkantara, TNDMII, Teatro Municipal do Porto
Artistic Direction O Espaço do Tempo
Support Governo de Portugal, Secretário de Estado da Cultura, DGArtes

© Photo Alex Gozblau


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Garrett Hall

THU JUNE 9, FRI JUNE 10 and SAT JUNE 11 - 9pm

Running Time : approx. 75min

For ages - 14 and up

Between 5€ and 17€

In Portuguese with English surtitles

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