Quico Cadaval, Celso F. Sanmartín e José Luís Gutiérrez

Os Contos de Joselín

Versatile, contradictory, admired by Galician republicans, honored by dictators, idol of the masses in Buenos Aires, screenwriter in Madrid, and bestselling recording artist in Spain and Argentina, Joselín is remembered as one of the most famous Galician storytellers of the twentieth century.

Contemporary theater often makes use of storytelling and improvisation techniques inherited from folk culture, but it is in the world of oral storytellers that this tradition manifests most clearly. Quico Cadaval, Celso Fernández Sanmartín, and José Guitérrez artfully blend their stories with a good dose of improvisation to highlight the humor and gentle subversion of Joselín’s tales.


Storytellers Quico Cadaval, Celso Fernández Sanmartín e José Luís Gutiérrez
Produced by aCentral Folque
Production Direction Mauro Sanín

Com o apoio Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) / Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Estúdio Hall

THU 9 JUNE - 7pm

FRI 10 JUNE - 11pm

Running Time - 90min

For ages - 12 and up


In Galician without surtitles

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