Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

Performances para o Alkantara (Performances for Alkantara)

Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz present a series of four improvised or barely rehearsed performances at espaço Alkantara. Some are based on material from other pieces, previously unused or recontextualized; others appropriate exercises from their research processes. Each performance is underpinned by a desire to decompose or reduce the work to its basic elements: body, voice, objects, sound and text.

SAT MAY 28 Performance # 1 | Objects
animism . obsession . primal state — length approx. 70min [last entry 5pm]

SUN MAY 29 Performance # 2 | Writing
line . repetition . detour — length approx. 60min [last entry 4.45pm]

SAT JUNE 4 Performance # 3 | Text
remains . simultaneity . digressions — length approx. 45min [last entry 4.30pm]

SUN JUNE 5 Performance # 4 | Voice
fragmentation . double . mechanism — length approx. 90min [last entry 5.15pm]


Created and Performed by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz
Collaborators Miguel Raposo, Thomas Walgrave, Filipe Pereira, Nuno Borda de Água, Catarina Dias
Coproduction Alkantara

With the support DNA / Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

© Photo Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz


Espaço Alkantara

Espaço Alkantara

SAT MAY 28 and SUN MAY 29


From 4pm onwards

For ages - 12 and up

Free entry

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