Rabih Mroué

Riding on a Cloud

A picture appears; another evaporates. Many times he doesn’t understand the relationship between the two pictures. He needs someone who knows him well to explain things, in order for the static image to gain movement. How does memory work when each recollection is a single picture with no sequencing?

Rabih Mroué invites his brother Yasser to play a character that resembles him in every way. Having lost the ability to speak due to an injury sustained during the Lebanese Civil War, Yasser began making videos as part of his therapy – videos that now merge on stage with his reconstructed memories to draw a subjective portrait of political developments in Lebanon. Riding on a Cloud reveals the fragile building of a biography, borrowing from political reality, memories, facts and fiction.


A performance of Rabih Mroué
Written and Directed by Rabih Mroué
With the collaboration of Sarmad Louis
With Yasser Mroué
Assistant Petra Serhal
Translation Patrícia Azevedo da Silva
With the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Claus Fonds, Hivos & Stichting DOEN Agradecimentos especiais Lina Saneh,
Frie Leysen, Mroué’s family (Souad, Ahmad, Ammar, Ziad, Maha, Mazen, Nabil e Fatima Bazzi), Ahlam Awada, Samar Maakaroun, Janine Broud, Karma e Nadi Louis
Acknowledgements Hito Steyerl, Manal Khader, Eric Baudelaire, Paul Khodr, Lamia Joreige, Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Fariba Derakhshani, Mohamad Hojeiry, Matthias Lilienthal, Ali Zuraik, Louis Family, Petra Serhal, Hagop Derghougassian, Ziad Mroué, Christine Tohmé e Ashkal Alwan

© Photo Sommerszene Bernhard Mueller


Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Sala Estúdio

FRI 3 JUNE and SAT JUNE 4 - 7pm

Running Time - 65min

For ages - 12 and up


Arabic with Portuguese and English surtitles

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