Roger Bernat

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk uses lovers’ words to explore the swirling, irrational, unjust clouds that cast a collective shadow over all love affairs. Behind closed doors, lovers say things they would never dare repeat to anyone else. Film has offered us glimpses of this invisible space. Engaging the audience in dubbing love scenes from films from all periods, we follow in the footsteps of cinema to create a carnivalesque parody where values, laws and manners are cast aside as we enjoy the exciting sexual freedom of simply doing as we please

Presented at Cinema São Jorge, courtesy of Maria Matos Teatro Municipal as a part of Festas de Lisboa 2016.


Concept Roger Bernat
Dramaturgy Roberto Fratini
Technical Coordination Txalo Toloza
Sound Noel Palazzo
Application Jordi Rosa e Daniel Cecilia
Documentation Noel Palazzo e Arturo Bastón
Sound Masterisation Cristobal Saavedra
Juridical Access Carmenchu Buganza
Acknowledgements Bruno Jordà, Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, Simona Levi e Montse Badia
Coordination Helena Febrés Fraylich
Production Elèctrica Produccions (Barcelona)
Coproduction Temporada Alta (Girona) e Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisboa)

With the Support of Create to Connect / Creative Europe, European Cultural Program


Cinema São Jorge

MON 6 JUNE and TUE JUNE 7 - 4pm until midnight (Continous Session)

Portuguese and English surtitles

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