Bubas Faray + Afro Txilo


Born in the former Francos neighbourhood (2F) in Sintra, Bubas Faray now resides in Pendão in Queluz. He has been a kuduru dancer and in the last three years has been dedicating himself as a dj and producer of afrotechno.

Afro Txilo are Bolicao, Papoite Mindao, Selma and Valdo. The four of them share the taste for African culture, kuduro and afrohouze. Afrotxilo wants to convey the energy and joy of Angola's culture.

ZONA/SUB/CENTRAL: Three Thursday nights, three chances to witness the flourishing music scene of Lisbon´s peripheries, where new genres are being invented every week.


Sala Mário Viegas

Free entrance

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