Abertura do Alkantara Festival: e se elas fossem para Moscou e nós para o São Luiz?

What if they went to Moscow and we went to São Luiz?

Twenty-five shows, several parties and very little sleep. That’s the program for the coming three weeks: Alkantara Festival is back and along with it there will be several worlds on stage, throughout several Lisbon venuesWe kick off with What if they went to Moscow?, the amazing performance by Brazilian director Christiane Jatahy. Two complimentary sessions (7pm and 10pm) to revisit Chekhov’s The Three Sisters in two different formats: drama and cinema.
What if they went to Moscow? will take place at São Luiz Teatro Municipal.Sala Mário Viegas, at the backyard of São Luiz headquarter, hosts the Alkantara Meeting Point. A rich program until June 11th, which will include several parties, DJ sets and performancesCheck the festival’s program and the Meeting Point activities and joins us!