Cinco solos de dança no São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Five Dance Solos at São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Alkantara Festival presents at São Luiz Teatro Municipal five new dance "accompanied" solos from different geographical, non-european, countries which leads us to question our positioning as citizens of the world, under points of view that go beyond borders and challenge the Western political, cultural and artistic status quo.

On May 29 and 30 Arkadi Zaides presents Archive (2014). A show that brings to the stage the long conflict in the territories occupied by Israli forces, questioning the way an Israeli artists stands before this conflict at the same time his body becomes a living archive of the images captured by volunteers from the West Bank, Western Jerusalem and Gaza. The Israeli NGO B´Tselem distributed these cameras and with them the volunteers document the daily life within these terriitories and denounce the occupation.    

About Kazuo Ohno (2013), presented on June 1 and 2, is a performance where Takao Kawaguchi exercises the possibility of reincarnating in his body the great Butoh master. However - with no specific Butoh training - Takao learned the choreographies by imitating the master by viewing videos of him in a cited piece that pays homage to Ohno. This caused an outcry in the Tokyo dance scene as Takao was attempting to imitate the unrepeatable but the result is a choreography in which Kawaguchi creates a duo with the illusionary image of Ohno.

The Artist in the City Faustin Linyekula presents The Dialogue Series: IV. Moya. on june 4 and 5. A performance by dancer Moya Michael – living in Brussels for the last 18 years - where her choices and worries are put on stage as a mixed race person born in South Africa during Apartheid. An accompanied, vulnerable and honest  solo, which disarms the viewer with its simplicity and with a strong musical presence (with pieces by Abdullah Ibrahim, Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens, Franco, among others) in which the voiceover by Linyekula talks about the difficulty that an audience that comes from a different community and geographical point have in trying to understand his work. There is no possible bridge: only his body resists in order to assimilate the frustration and move on.

En Alerte (2016) by Taoufiq Izeddiou is presented on June 7 and 8. This performance poses a question: is it possible to reconcile dance and spirituality through two ways of dancing - the traditional Morroccan dance and contemporary dance from France? By using the former in order to evoke the latter Taoufiq focuses on the references that reflect societies with convictions and behaviours that often antagonize themselves but, at the same time, can (and should) be complimentary to each other. Accompanied by two musicians -  one bearing a modern and popular electric guitar where as the other plays a gimbri - an instrument that represents the ancient African and Islamic spiritual music - Izeddiou is a key element that circulates the stage as a catalyst and reservoir of events.

The performance that closes off this cycle of solos at São Luiz Teatro Municipal is 55 (2014) (photo), Morroccan Radouan Mriziga´s first creation, the youngest of all the performers, presents a different proposal in comparison to the others: A show built around the number five and the measurements of his body that transforms the hybrid influences of his dance in a unique and personal language, somewhere between sobriety and sensuality, between conceptualization and phisicality, between what is structural and what is emotional.